Environmental Management Policy

Hallmark Developments recognises that construction operations may have a damaging impact upon the environment and therefore ensure that all construction activities are carried out in such a manner as to ensure a high standard of environmental protection and awareness. We aim is to minimise adverse environmental effects arising from our business activities and promote a positive attitude to the conservation and enhancement of all aspects of our environment. We are establishing an Environmental Management System (EMS) which will comply with the international standard ISO 14001. The EMS includes systems to assess the environmental impact of our operations and the provisions of appropriate levels of training and information to support our environmental aims and objectives.

The Environmental Policy of Hallmark Developments is:

  • Implementation of the Environmental Management System and manage environmental factors such as; Pollution minimization; Resource and waste management; Ecologically sustainable development; Water quality management environmental risks .
  • Comply with, and endeavour to exceed the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation, codes and guidelines
  • Ensuring activities are carried out with minimal impact on local communities and not creating a nuisance to our neighbours
  • Carefully vetting our suppliers to ensure their commitment and standards are equal to ours
  • Implement an environmental management planning procedure for site base activities to ensure that environmental requirements are identified and managed to the extent that they are under control of the company. Such control will be integrated with the existing management system for Quality, Safety and Health and will cover the activities carried out by sub-contractors for whom the company is responsible for as a main contractor.
  • Requiring each sub-contractor to provide a work method statement documenting consideration of their potential to cause adverse impact on the environment, and methods to minimise this risk.
  • Identifying specific environmental risks that could occur as part of a project and implementing measurable objectives and targets to minimise this risk.
  • Plan and execute works to minimise the effects of noise, dust, disturbance and inconvenience to those affected by such operations.
  • Provide the necessary awareness and training to enable staff at all levels to understand and contribute to the implementation of the policy.
  • Promoting waste, water and energy reduction measures to our customers during the design and construction phases
  • Maintaining effective communication and/or training to our employees, contractors, clients and visitors to ensure that environmental management practices are undertaken.
  • Establish periodic reviews of environmental impacts associated with company activities

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