Clients & Partners


Over the last number of years we have worked closely with both private and public clients, our clients and partners include the following:

  • Private Individuals & Clients
  • Property Developers & Investors
  • Banks, Financial Institutions & Receivers
  • Local Authorities
  • Architects & Consulting Engineers
  • Legal Firms
  • Government Departments
  • Various Contractors


Our Clients

Our clients are our number one priority. Hallmark is a highly effective and efficient company that is focused on meeting client objectives. We provide our clients with the highest quality workmanship, great attention to detail and above all professionalism. Through our experienced staff and vast knowledge we aim to successfully and consistently deliver on each project we are engaged in.

Our Partners

At Hallmark, we work closely with all our business partners such as architects, engineering and sales agents. He have developed long-term relationships with them and have achieved mutual growth based on mutual trust. Hallmark choses business partners based on their knowledge of the industry, quality of work and performance. 

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